Syslog Watcher Personal Edition

Syslog Watcher Personal Edition

Syslog Watcher is a syslog solution by SnmpSoft Company
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Syslog Watcher is a syslog solution by SnmpSoft Company. Microsoft Windows has no built-in syslog server; therefore, our product fills this gap.
Personal Edition can only collect syslog from one source simultaneously.

With Syslog Watcher you can:

-collect syslog messages from:
-firewalls / switches / routers / modems
-network hosts and servers (Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.)
-syslog forwarders (e.g., from Windows EventLog)
-any syslog enabled devices and software
-recognize some vendor-specific formats
-store syslog from entire network in one place
-view collected syslog anytime
-analyze syslog for troubleshooting
-export syslog to CSV or XML
-be notified of every new syslog message
-extract additional info from message contents
-generate syslog reports

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